No matter the size, we got you covered.

Large brands

Your brand is already well-known, with 15 000 to 20 000 shipments per month, and you are looking for a partner who can support you with scalable fulfillment, tech-driven 3PL solutions and efficient and friendly support team. We can help you grow even further and assist you with your individual processes and requirements.

Midsize brands

You have a market-proven concept and a steady order volume of more than 5 000 shipments per month, and you would like to enhance your customer experience by personalizing your orders and shortening the delivery window. You are in the right place!


We are enthusiastic about collaborating with emerging businesses and helping them grow. If you have already achieved an order volume of 1 000 shipments per month, we are here to assist you in scaling up your operations so that you can concentrate on what you do best.


We live and breathe fashion! No matter the garment or shoe type, we can handle it for you. From cocktail and wedding dresses to lounge and streetwear, and from sneakers to sandals and boots, we take great care of your products and their needs. Hanging goods? Folded goods? We are the fashion experts you've always wanted on your side.
All of this knowledge and experience is paired with a brandnew, sustainably managed boutique warehouse. 

Lifestyle & accessories

Look no further than our 3PL services if you want to offer your customers the ultimate lifestyle product experience. Our expertise lies in enhancing your brand's offerings, whether it's through kitting, personalized packaging or fast and efficient processing. Just ship your goods to us and we will take care of the rest.

Beauty & health

The growing trend of prioritizing personal health and appearance has made health and beauty products a daily essential for a large portion of the population. We are your ideal fulfillment partner, understanding the complexities of shipping and handling such products that require special attention.

We want to make fulfillment better.

Protecting the environment and social concerns are at least as important to us as our customer relationships.

Success stories

Female model wears green hoodie and jogging trousers from Highsnobiety in front of a green background.


Long-term upscaling through sophisticated supply chain management
A woman sits on a chair in front of a wall of colourful posters.


Reliable deliveries thanks to precise warehousing systems
A blonde woman in a black sweatshirt and black trousers sits on a box in a photo studio.


The road to success with efficient and flexible logistics

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