Highsnobiety simplifies complex supply chains with MOODJA

Highsnobiety is a global fashion and lifestyle media brand founded in 2005 by David Fischer. The company has a multichannel presence, operating a successful digital media agency, an online shop, and last but not least a quarterly print magazine. It is the go-to source for fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts looking for the latest trends, high-quality products and insider information. Highsnobiety is one of the most trusted and respected voices in the fashion and media industries. 

Product portfolio:
Apparel, footwear, accessories, home 
MOODJA partner:
Since 2018
Service range:
B2C & B2B fulfilment, returns management

Highsnobiety's supply chain complexity before partnering with MOODJA

The challenge Highsnobiety faced before partnering with MOODJA is one many companies encounter. The launch of their online shop in 2018 came with excitement and growth but also introduced significant logistical hurdles. Initially handling fulfillment in-house, the team quickly found themselves overwhelmed by manual processes as their order volume and product range expanded, working with over 150 brands and suppliers annually. The complexity of their inbound processes escalated, threatening the scalability and efficiency of their e-commerce business.

"Unlike some of their competitors, MOODJA were keen to take on the complexity of our needs and had the right systems and tools in place to start immediately. Their strong support team is committed to the success of their clients, making it easy to work with them."

Mattias Bosman
Head of Commerce Operations

From overwhelm to overhaul: Transforming highsnobiety's logistics landscape

MOODJA's boutique business model prioritises going the extra mile for partners. As an independent 3PL provider with a sustainably managed, state-of-the-art boutique warehouse, we offer the flexibility and adaptability crucial in today's fast-paced market. Our approach focuses on creating customised solutions and finding improvement opportunities, rather than dwelling on challenges. This mindset has been key in helping Highsnobiety streamline operations and meet the unique demands of their diverse product lines and supplier network.

MOODJA's tailored solutions elevate highsnobiety's global operations

Our partnership has not only addressed operational challenges but also facilitated significant growth in both inbound and outbound operations for Highsnobiety. Being first to market is crucial in the fashion industry, and our efficient logistics solutions have ensured Highsnobiety's products are launched swiftly, maintaining their competitive edge. Our close collaboration with their Operations Team has enabled us to meet all their needs promptly, even amid the complexities of special editions and brand collaborations. By adapting to seasonal demands through efficient staff planning, we have consistently met Highsnobiety's evolving requirements.

"For us, at MOODJA, no mountain is too high when you work with partners who share the same mindset. Years into our successful collaboration with Highsnobiety, we are looking forward to a bright future together, where we can support each other and grow sustainably."

Boutique Fulfillment Provider

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