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We're a self-operated boutique warehouse, established as the go-to provider for fashion's buzziest brands. Our team empowers growth by giving your team the freedom to focus on your brand's success.
Fashion & lifestyle expertise
No matter the type of garment, fabric, or lifestyle product, we know how to handle your goods in a professional, safe and efficient way. Proactively helping our clients optimize their processes is part of our DNA.
A partner for life
We work with clients from both the start-up and the corporate worlds. At MOODJA, we place a united mindset and approach first. We aim to create long-lasting personal partnerships based on trust, loyalty and reliability.
Flexible & tailored solutions
As experts in fulfillment for fashion & lifestyle products, we not only offer smart but also flexible solutions that go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. We tailor our packages to each customer's need in order to help them grow, scale and thrive to their best.
Fully conscious approach
We shape our business world as sustainably as possible, both internally and together with like-minded customers. We are one of the few fulfillment service providers that implement proactive climate management while acting in a particularly socially responsible manner.

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Deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience to your customers, fast and reliable, worldwide with us.

Success stories


Long-term upscaling through sophisticated supply chain management


Reliable deliveries thanks to precise warehousing systems


The road to success with efficient and flexible logistics

Available integrations

Seamless and fast integration of your e-commerce system with our in-house developed software

Let's get down to business

Costs and scalability

We tailor our service packages to your current needs no matter whether you are serving direct customers only and/or wholesale partners. Being fully independent allows us to be flexible and support you with your growth and accommodate your wishes.

Technology and integration

With our custom-made software and applications, you have a complete and transparent overview of our warehouse operations. You can easily optimize your processes with our multichannel integrations and B2B and B2C orders' handling.

Reliability and customer service

As a tech-driven company, we pride ourselves on our fast processing times, order fulfillment accuracy, and friendly and efficient customer service. We are here to ensure that all your customers, no matter the size of their order, are treated professionally and in a timely manner.

Individual packaging and returns

We can help you stand out from the crowd with your own individual packaging of your B2C and B2B orders, communicating your brand identity to your customers exactly the way you have always imagined it. We will also gladly take care of your returns, the corresponding quality check and fast restocking of your goods.

Delivery options

We work with the most established and reliable shipping providers worldwide. Thanks to our longstanding partnerships, we are able to provide you with advantagous conditions to some of them.

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