Kazai Studios' Road to Success: From Operational Challenges to Streamlined Logistics with MOODJA

Kazai Studios was launched in Munich in 2020. The brand specializes in creating premium lounge wear and business casual garments which are both luxurious and practical. Their designs are modern and sophisticated, yet versatile enough to wear both at home and out and about.

If you are someone who values both comfort and style, Kazai Studios offers a range of garments and accessories that seamlessly blend luxury with functionality.

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Challenge pre-MOODJA

Fashion logistics expertise and transparent 3PL provider warehouse operations. Kazai Studios encountered a major obstacle in scaling their e-commerce business prior to joining MOODJA. They were already working with a fulfillment provider who offered e-commerce specific services with a wide range of logistics expertise. Although their old 3PL partner’s processes were easy to comprehend, their biggest challenge was the lack of transparency and efficient processes, which led to numerous limitations in their room for maneuver. Thus, the need for a solution became increasingly important for Kazai Studios. Finding a balance between the logistics of physical products and the flexibility and agility required by digital fashion marketing operations proved to be a significant hurdle.

The impact of these operational challenges was felt throughout Kazai Studios' organization. The lack of transparency and inefficient processes affected the daily operations of their Product and Sales Departments. Frustration grew among employees and customers, diverting focus from brand building and impeding overall company growth. They set out to find a partner who could provide the necessary transparency and responsiveness to establish a smoother running logistical cycle on par with the requirements of our fast-paced society. Recognizing the potential consequences of not addressing these issues, Kazai Studios made the decision to partner with us at MOODJA. They were drawn to our specialization in fashion logistics, boutique warehouse and our tailored solutions designed specifically for the demands of e-commerce.

"MOODJA has well thought-through processes with which partners can act independently with just the right amount of transparency, flexibility and control. They have enabled us to seamlessly link the logistics to our supply chain and we have been able to cleanly close the goods cycle from supplier to customer return."

Bella Chen

The Choice for MOODJA

By implementing well-thought-out processes, we empowered Kazai Studios to Act independently while providing the necessary transparency, flexibility, and control. Having seamlessly integrated our services into their supply chain, we enabled them to efficiently close the goods cycle from supplier to the customer's return. MOODJA became an indispensable extension of Kazai Studios' as a reliable partner rather than just a fulfillment service provider. With MOODJA's support, Kazai Studios successfully overcame their operational challenges and achieved streamlined logistics. They can now focus on their core strengths in editorial commerce, knowing that our expertise in fulfillment and supply chain management is at their disposal.

"For us MOODJA is not just a fulfillment service, but an indispensable extended arm of the company, functioning independently and reliably."

Bella Chen

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