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Established in 2015, Dawn is a denim apparel producer based in Berlin and Saigon. Their aim is to create a connection between consumers and the workers who make their clothing. The company was founded on the belief that the fashion industry needed to change for the better. Dawn's dedication to sustainable and transparent fashion, coupled with their expertise in crafting ecologically produced garments, should serve as an inspiration to all fashion companies. They set a high standard for the industry by prioritizing the well-being of the environment and the people involved in their production process.

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Dawn’s logistics challenge before MOODJA

Ensuring 100% accurate order fulfillment and inventory management for both B2B and B2C transactions was a significant hurdle for Dawn. Delivering incorrect items or mismanaging stock levels can severely damage a new brand's credibility. Dawn experienced such setbacks, which, in a highly competitive market, led to an unsustainable increase in customer support queries. In late 2021, they revamped their strategy to focus on direct B2B orders while continuing their B2C sales.

"When discussing with MOODJA, we clearly saw a partner that was understanding our needs and wants to grow with us."

Ines Rust
CEO & Head of Design, Berlin

Revolutionising Inventory Management: Dawn's Leap to Year-Round Availability

Transitioning from a pre-order model with two seasonal collections to a never out of stock program meant guaranteeing the availability of items year-round. This shift required precise inventory management to fulfill customer orders promptly and forecast production and replenishment effectively. Their previous logistics provider lacked the technological edge, resulting in numerous delivery issues and customer dissatisfaction. Failing to address these issues could have had severe consequences for Dawn's brand reputation, especially as a new player in a highly competitive market. Accurate and reliable deliveries were crucial for establishing professionalism and trust among their customer base.

MOODJA's tailored solutions for Dawn's diverse needs

Choosing Moodja as their logistics partner was a strategic decision influenced by several factors. Dawn sought a fashion logistics expert near Berlin who could handle a large number of SKUs and sales through both B2B and B2C channels. Moodja distinguished itself by demonstrating a profound understanding of Dawn's requirements, offering tech-driven solutions, and a willingness to grow alongside them.

"With MOODJA's support, Dawn has achieved more professional and streamlined operations."

Ines Rust
CEO & Head of Design, Berlin

How Dawn Streamlines Operations with MOODJA

Currently, Dawn and MOODJA are implementing an automatic integration between their ERP, MOODJA's warehouse management system, and the forwarding company's systems to facilitate seamless customs clearance. With MOODJA's assistance, Dawn has not only optimized their inventory management but also ensured timely and accurate deliveries. This collaboration allows Dawn to concentrate on brand development and customer acquisition, knowing that their logistics needs are in the right hands.

Are you facing similar challenges?

If your company is facing similar inventory management challenges and seeking a reliable partner who understands your specific requirements, MOODJA is here to help. Contact us today to explore how we can support your growth and ensure seamless logistics for your business.

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