We strive to provide 3PL services that are as green and fair as possible. By partnering with us, you improve your processes and take responsibility with your fulfillment.

e-commerce fulfillment

At MOODJA, responsible business practices are at the heart of our entrepreneurial philosophy. We prioritize ethical considerations in shaping our ecosystem.
Environmental responsibility
Fulfillment involves various processes that have an impact on the climate. Our goal is to create a company-wide carbon footprint, allowing us to identify areas where we can best reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the 1.5 degree target.
Fair working conditions
We foster a family atmosphere and prioritize work-life balance. Our work schedule is limited to daytime hours on weekdays, and we offer reasonable salaries and part-time options. Our inclusive and family-friendly policies promote a supportive workplace culture. We provide ongoing training to our employees and prioritize long-term employment relationships.
Regional value creation
We give preference to regional relationships when selecting our external partners. Many of our customers benefit from direct contact with us in the Berlin-Brandenburg area, where 95% of our employees also reside.
Mutual support
We believe that collaboration is key to achieving sustainability goals. If you're looking for support with your sustainability projects, contact us - we're happy to help! We also welcome ideas and support for driving a sustainable transformation.

Sustainable site management

Our new all-in-one site is powered exclusively by renewable energy from Green Planet energy and meets the Gold Standard of the German Sustainable Building Council, making it environmentally friendly to operate.

Green packaging

There's no way around it, packaging is needed for shipping. We offer a range of eco-friendly options, including recycled cardboard from sustainable forestry, vegan and recyclable paper tape, certified recycled paper for filling material, and recycled stretch film for B2B shipping.

Sustainability certifications for textiles

Protecting nature, ensuring social standards and animal welfare are top priorities in the sustainable textile industry. As a logistics partner, we are already very familiar with GOTS and RWS certifications of our customers and are looking forward to further initiatives of this kind.

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