A modern twist on logistics: We provide smart, specialized fulfillment services that aim to deliver a uniquely boutique warehouse experience.

Your smart all-in-one fulfillment solution

Experience MOODJA's boutique warehouse concept through the power of our quick and seamless solutions.
Your products
Simply register your inbound products in our web tool and send them to us. We'll take care of the rest - no matter whether you need relabeling, simplified quality check or repacking. We are here to make the process hassle-free for you and your brand.
Our boutique warehouse
Our state-of-the-art, sustainably-managed, and secure warehouse is located just outside of Berlin. Whether your product needs to be folded, hung, or all boxed up, we've got you covered with our custom warehouse management system.
Worldwide shipping
For B2C and B2B orders alike, your goods will be packed your way. We offer personalized packaging to create an optimal unpacking experience for your customers, helping you stand out from the crowd.
Efficient returns management
We offer reliable and efficient returns management for garments, lifestyle products, and accessories. Our optional services include inspection, repackaging, steaming, and much more.

Our partner carriers

Cooperating with the most reliable shipping providers allows you to meet your customers' expectations around speed and convenience and drive loyalty through reliable and fast delivery.

Your dashboard

Our web-based, self-programmed platform serves as a comprehensive fulfillment back-office solution, allowing you efficiently to utilize a single, trusted partner for all your omnichannel requirements. We guarantee you an exceptional, dependable, and transparent service, saving you time and energy.

Inventory management

With accurate inventory records and fast order processing, we assist you in providing faster and more reliable service to your direct and wholesale customers, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty. MOODJA helps you enhance your business operations, lower expenses, and improve competitiveness.


We enable you to create an extraordinary unboxing experience that sets your brand apart from competitors and leaves a lasting impression on both direct customers and wholesale partners. You can utilize your own branded boxes or mailers, with or without marketing inserts. We not only passively follow the steps of your packing guide but also proactively assist you in enhancing it to maximize the experience and minimize costs.

Closing the loop

A seamless returns process is what helps businesses establish a positive reputation among customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. Plus: Fast processing and impeccable quality checks will help you to identify trends in returns, and ultimately optimize your inventory management.

Additional services

Easily place kitting orders to have inventory prepared to your specifactions. Or have your returned garments steamed back to perfection. Our team is happy to offer personalized support and we are always there for you when special needs arise!

Transform your performance to top speed with MOODJA

Unlock your team's potential with our boutique fulfillment services. Get quick, seamless solutions that help your brand grow faster – and brighter. Ready to go? Contact us for your individual, non-binding quote today!

Available integrations

We offer seamless and fast integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms. You can establish a multichannel presence through Plentymarkets and Tradebyte. 
Alternatively, you can take advantage of our in-house developed MOODJA Shopify app, which enables you to connect to our boutique warehouse with just a click of a button.
Yes, it can be that simple!
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