Sustainability for fulfillment providers

May 31, 2023

E-commerce has become an integral part of our lives, with almost every item available online and deliverable within a few days. This is, of course, a blessing and one of the great advantages of the internet. From order to delivery, various partners take care of the shipment and then hand it over to the customer. Not least because of the pandemic, the demand for e-commerce has increased enormously. At the same time, awareness of sustainability is growing among both customers and suppliers. The most cost-intensive and difficult part of the delivery route is the one to the recipient, the so-called "last mile". For this reason, logistics providers are working to optimize this process. At the same time, however, the beginning of the supply chain, the "first mile", must not be lost sight of. In the "First Mile", your company ships the products to the fulfillment provider.

On the part of the federal government, sustainability is not only demanded but also promoted. On the one hand, through regular events on various topics related to sustainability. On the other hand, through trademarks such as the Blue Angel, which has been awarded to companies for 40 years. This seal signals to consumers and service providers, such as fulfillment providers in Germany and worldwide, that a product has been manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Internationally, the label of the Forest Stewardship Council proves that products come from designated forests and have not been illegally felled.

Green logistics

In the modern world, companies need to focus on more than just their bottom line. They need to pay attention to their environmental impact and look for ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Sustainable logistics is one way to get the ball rolling.

Green logistics focuses on the sustainability of how goods and commodities are transported. This includes the use of environmentally friendly transport methods such as electric vehicles, rail, and water transport, which reduce emissions to a minimum. In addition, finding ways to reduce waste and separating it properly is also a step in the right direction. Fulfillment providers play an important role in the sustainability strategy development process. They can help companies reach their sustainability goals faster while offering a range of services such as inventory management, custom order fulfillment, and shipping. By choosing a sustainable fulfillment provider, both companies can benefit from reducing their carbon footprint together and protecting the environment.

According to a study, sustainability is already an important issue for many companies and online shops. For 72.3%, green logistics is already on the agenda and represents an important point for the success of the company. This is also evident in returns and shipping management. According to the Fynax study, more than 74% of the shops surveyed focus on the recyclability of their returns and more than 77% have already switched to recyclable packaging materials. The study shows that customers appreciate transparency, which can definitely bring success for online retailers, as well as warehouse and shipping service providers.

Sustainability with your fulfillment provider

Delivery using climate-neutral vehicles is certainly only the beginning. In addition, there are points such as packaging and storage, which are also increasingly being treated under these aspects. Anyone who wants to work in a 100% climate-neutral manner today must, therefore, inevitably deal with environmentally friendly shipping and packaging, as well as returns management. In addition, there is the aspect of ethics, which poses a significant challenge to customers and manufacturers, as well as logistics companies. The easiest solution for retailers is to outsource to green fulfillment providers, who take over the entire distribution, as well as returns management.

Green fulfillment is a necessary and appropriate approach to achieve sustainability in all areas of B2B and D2C, and it should be a priority for customers, warehouses, and shipping providers, including MOODJA, as well as for your brand.

As a sustainable fulfillment provider, we at MOODJA prioritize protecting nature and pursuing the noteworthy goals of the German Sustainability Code. We work with FSC-certified shipping materials and use products that have the Blue Angel seal to ensure that our fulfillment process is eco-friendly.

If you have any further questions about sustainable logistics or fulfillment, please feel free to contact us. Our Sustainability Manager will address your concerns and provide advice on sustainable business management and opportunities for your brand.

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